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About Us

With over 15 years of hands-on experience in SEO and software development, we have already mastered a system that allowed us, as well as our clients to calibrate our strategy and benchmarks according to company-specific goals – a premium service that no other digital marketing agency can ever match.

We have a powerful team of SEO experts with a combined experience of over 100 years providing unparalleled internet digital marketing services including SEO, consulting, website ranking, technical analysis, website optimization and reputation management to both big corporations and small business owners.

We are all about revolutionizing the ever-changing world of SEO by delivering measurable revenue-generating results to our clients across the world. We pride ourselves on being able to deploy our SEO strategies to effectively increase your website’s organic ranking.

We are here to support your business growth with our all-encompassing SEO website strategy and content marketing. We look forward to hearing from you because we believe that together we can create useful ideas and solutions to move your business forward.


At BAD SEO, our core values of commitment, integrity and operational excellence set us apart from other digital marketing agencies. Our success is driven by our people and their dedication to getting results the right way while helping your business to convert more profitable leads seamlessly and capture new opportunities for growth.

Ongoing SEO Drive

We provide continued SEO campaigns designed to help you crush your competition and dominate your digital market permanently.

All-Inclusive SEO Analysis

We offer a complete SEO audit service specially designed for businesses of all sizes that are looking for enduring SEO success to drive productivity and increase their return on investment through the internet.

Experienced SEO Consultants

We have a strong team of SEO consultants with more 100 years of combined experience they bring to every project solving complicated SEO problems.

SEO without Hassles

We will ethically promote and improve your website’s digital reputation to receive high organic search ranking without going through the hassles of penalization.

Tested SEO Strategies

Our proven SEO strategies will enable your website to receive Google’s recognition as the most suitable choice when new potential customers are searching for products and services using your business keywords.

Organic Visibility Maintenance

We have established a system that preserves and maintains your SEO success on a long-term basis. So you can be rest assured we will continue to monitor your website SEO structure.

Why choose BadSEO?

Efficient SEO Ranking That Gets You Results

At BAD SEO, we pride ourselves on our ability to rank your website with google-powered keywords that receive high volume of monthly organic searches so that you can make real sales and increase your revenues.

Highly Experienced and Committed SEO Team

We you choose our SEO services, you get a dedicated team of SEO experts that want your business to succeed above everything else and to have unparalleled online visibility.

Responsive Customer Support

We provide our clients with a highly responsive customer support. You can contact us anytime and you can be rest assured that our experts are always available on to answer your questions and fix your SEO challenges.

Effective Data-Driven SEO Strategy

At BAD SEO we use proven and result-oriented data to drive your SEO campaign. We don’t do trial and errors nor do we hide behind fake metrics, we use a proven but dynamic system to increase our clients’ ROI.

Transparent Strategies That Guaranty Peace of Mind

We operate a transparent SEO policy to assure long-term benefits. Our SEO strategies are easily tracked and available for all our clients to access at all times.