“Nothing any one did resulted

in positive results.”


How we started

We started on this project with BinaryBiz in August of 2017.

Greg, the managing director of BinaryBiz, reached out to us initially in January. He explained the different marketing efforts made across what amounted to be ten different agencies across the span of five years. And not just small scale agencies. Big name outfits you’d know.

It each and every one of these other agencies had their own idea of what should be done making this a particularly difficult effort.

To make their bad situation worse, an ongoing negative SEO campaign is being waged against the site. Ridiculous back links from link farms, drug sites and even porn sites. BinaryBiz website is good quality, tons of information, and a solid product. Obviously their competition want’s them buried as far down the search results as possible.. and it was working. BinaryBiz was beyond page 10 for it’s main keywords.

Our action plan was formulated after studying the site. Factors were taken in to consideration regarding the offsite link profiles, activity, social, onsite engagement, content and interlinking. It was, and still is, a mess, and as we explained to Greg would not be a quick fix. The site had too many different hands and would take time and diligence to fix.

“I knew we were in trouble when a large firm in the UK gave us worse results then when they were hired. We were paying over $5,000 a month to go backwards.”

What We Did

Our first plan of action was to stop the bleeding caused by the negative SEO. Amazingly the search engines give credibility to backlinks from non relevant websites that are obviously topically not the same. You would think that if a site suddenly started obtaining links from niche outside it’s primary topic the SERP would not immediately give those link properties value, but that’s not the case. The solution was for our app development team to produce a weekly detox list of all the sites and urls contributing to the attack, and to commit them to the SERP disavow. The site jumped 5-7 pages by this action alone.

Ryan was locally connected to our team and reached out in serious SEO need. What was the problem? Ryan’s store, Tailors’ Keep, is a beautifully designed men’s shop in the heart of Downtown San Francisco. They make exceptionally well-made men’s clothing, and have a loyal customer base.

However, the sheer amount of competition was choking Ryan’s growth. With the high overhead in downtown San Francisco comes a thrive-or die-business model. And with a low footprint on organic search and zero digital leads coming into the store, Tailors’ Keep was struggling to thrive.

All he knew was that if his business was going to make it in the competitive landscape of the Bay Area, they would need to rank on Google’s search results. It wasn’t just a matter of increasing brand awareness for the company, but could become an entirely new avenue through which the hundreds of people searching for suiting options in the Bay Area could be introduced to Ryan himself.

What We Are Still Doing

The BinaryBiz site is comprised of hundreds of pages, making this project time consuming. Each and every page has to be analysed to verify its content and link strategies. The site overall has to be properly silo’d, and the content has to be actionable and relevant.

Social media strategies are being developed and implemented.

Email marketing and outreach to BinaryBiz existing customers.

This product has more than twenty million downloads. Engage that traffic to improve the brand and convert demo users to customers.

This will be a yearlong strategy, or more. at the moment BinaryBiz now ranks on page two at google US for some of the most competitive keywords on the internet. Consider that the site didn’t rank at all (it was not in the top one hundred search results) so to be able to get the site to page two in a few months is quite an achievement.

This case study is an overview of the work. Not a comprehensive analysis of what was done.

Stay tuned for more results and updates.