Search Engine Optimization

Powerful tools for the website audit and SEO analysis

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Effective dominate the search engines through our digital marketing services designed to give you best-page placement.

What good is a website if it doesn’t expose and put your business in front of the right audience and targeted visitors? Leveraging the power of online search engines through SEO, we will help attract new customers to your website and keep your repeat buyers so you can generate the sales that you deserve.

With ongoing education and continued training, our SEO experts set themselves apart by staying in tune with the latest industry trends in the constantly-changing and dynamic world of search engine optimization. Our SEO service will position your website to receive constant measurable traffic for more growth and ultimately more revenue.

We are passionate about search engine optimization and our main goal is to ensure our clients receive sustainable SEO success using industry best-practices and guidelines to ensure sticky results you can depend on.

Results Oriented Digital Marketing

At BadSEO, we focus on quality keywords and specific keyword phrases that are the most relevant for your website so that search engines searches resulting in an increase of site conversion rate and generate more revenue.

Actionable Data Points

Our digital marketing professionals will provide you with simple, actionable data that will transform your website in to an earnings and traffic powerhouse. Stop suffering from poorly constructed digital marketing strategies and work with us to convert your online business into a digital reality. We carefully design and craft high level digital marketing strategies and campaigns to maximize your organic revenue.

Revenue Oriented Results

You can depend on BadSEO to deliver outstanding and SERP (search engine) friendly digital marketing services (SEO/SEM/SMM) that generate verifiable growth of your online presence.


Our mission is to help our clients reach their online potential digitally by providing an extensive range of high-quality digital marketing solutions including:

Onsite / Offsite Audits and Technical Analysis

We will carry out a thorough review of your website to identify and fix problems ensuring that your site is loved by the search engines and gets the visitor traffic it deserves. Our tactical approach to appraise and strategically review your present digital marketing strategies result in a customized solution to service each of our client’s unique digital needs.

Website Rank Repair

We are all about using our proven techniques to help rank your website organically. Our website rank repair service is designed to give you long-lasting results for your poorly performing website and we'll solve other problems hindering your organic search results and limiting your online growth.

Google Penalty Removal

We will help you recover your rankings and traffic with our Google penalty removal service. We will identify the reason(s) for your website penalties and create a sustainable strategy to remedy the problem and get your website visible in the search engines again. This service will effectively fix all previous bad search engine optimization practices and get your site back in site again.

Full Service Digital Marketing Consultancy

Our digital marketing service carries out an in-depth investigation of your organizations online strategies and examines each of your marketing channels to help identify and correct mistakes. We carefully study and analyze your brand and message and develop unique digital marketing guidelines specific to your online presence to increase growth.