Website Ranking

Fully integrated approach to increase your site ranking

It’s a tough, long road to Page One

It’s an arduous journey, but making it to the first page of your target market’s search results has huge perks: a monopoly on organic traffic, a crazy increase in demand for your product or service, and best of all, more revenue.

Competitive Analysis

We will analyze what your site's strengths and weaknesses are so we can maximize or improve them to get you ahead of the game.

Measurable Results

There's no room for guessing here. Our system will track your site's performance through innovative analytics tools to provide comprehensive, fact-driven results.

User- and Web-Friendly Optimization

We'll make sure that everyone can access your content in whichever device and wherever they are.

Time-Tested Performance

With more than 15 years experience in digital marketing, no one works harder to get you the results you need.


SEO is a meticulous and highly-technical work which can be exhausting even for seasoned experts. The unique processes and concepts to rank a website are constantly changing, and the challenge, even to good agencies, is to keep up with the dynamics and trends.

In the same sense, as an entrepreneur, you also have to examine and continuously develop your product or service to accommodate the growing demands of your market. These are only possible when you are laser-focused on what you do best.

At BadSEO, we believe that passion and focus are what drive a business forward which is why we want our skills and business to grow alongside yours. By giving us the opportunity to showcase our expertise, you will have more time to hone your product or service without worrying about whether your target market will find you in a highly-saturated and oftentimes unforgiving space like the Internet.


Whether you are using traditional advertising to get your target market’s attention or you are trying to build your online presence and increase traffic to your website, one thing remains to be true: more visitors mean higher demand.

Online, given the overwhelming choices people are bombarded with, it’s no surprise that they only click on results they deem as credible, A.K.A. the top results. The further down you are in the top list, the less findable you are and that makes you almost invisible to them. Needless to say, being easily found is the best technique to get into people’s attention on the internet.

Treading the inter webs need not be a gamble nor a shot in the dark. This is where BadSEO, our proprietary tools and our service step in. With our goal-oriented, fully customized approach to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and page ranking, we will help you get your website to the highly coveted Page 1.

Using our unique strategy and excellent customer service, we will get you to the top results.

Let us guide you to a better way to do business. Contact us now and let’s discuss how we can be of help with our fully-managed and customizable SEO services.